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  • A lot of identity information is freely available on the web, without the knowledge of your customers and collaborators: account credentials, last names, first names, physical addresses, emails, passwords…
    This information, coming from data leaks or social networks, is the vulnerability exploited by attackers.

    With the ANOZR WAY software platform, get risk assessment and visibility into this compromised information.

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FIC 2023 Startup Award

ANOZR WAY wins the FIC 2023 Startup Prize awarded by a jury composed of CISOs from major groups, investment funds, representatives from ANSSI and the Ministries of the Interior and the Armed Forces.

Anticipating risks

Risk scoring platform

  • Gain a comprehensive, centralized view of your company’s or customers’ human vulnerabilities

  • Evaluate threats to your organization or your customers from human exposure


With the ANOZR WAY platform, you will be able to identify :

You then benefit from an action plan to remediate the human vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit.

Reduce the human attack surface

Protect your employees, included your executives

  • With the ANOZR WAY personal application, your employees will have visibility on their human vulnerabilities and will benefit from advice and remediation actions to reduce their human attack surface.
  • Thanks to ANOZR WAY, involve your employees in the remediation of their vulnerabilities that are outside your security perimeter (shadow IT, social networks…) but that have an impact on the company.

The benefits of ANOZR WAY platform:


(outside the information system)

No interaction with the auditee

no password use

RGPD Compliant

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