ANOZR WAY raises €2 million in funding

ANOZR WAY raises €2 million in funding

ANOZR WAY completes its first fundraising in 2020. A €2M financing that will allow to accelerate the deployment of its cyber risk anticipation solution.

To fight against cyber attacks and more precisely against the exploitation of human vulnerabilities, ANOZR WAY has developed a software that scans the digital footprint of a company and its employees in order to limit the risks of hacking by deception.




63% of cyberattacks are caused by human failures.

The solution relies on artificial intelligence and the analysis of publicly available information on the Internet (OSINT) to determine which vulnerable data could be used to carry out an attack: phishing, ransomware, identity theft…

The identification of this data then allows to set up remediation actions and thus secure its digital footprint.

The 2 million € fundraising was carried out with several investors: Breizh Up, the investment fund of the Brittany Region, WAI Venture Fund, BNB Paribas Développement, BPI and other banking partners.

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